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Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is poised to replace traditional Self Blood Glucose Monitoring (SBGM) as the standard of care for people living with diabetes. Many factors will influence the shift from the traditional SBGM to CGM, and it is believed that technological advancements in CGM technologies and product offering will be a major driving force for this change. With only 10% of people living with Type 1 Diabetes using CGM technology as of 2017, and little to no penetration in people living with Type 2 Diabetes, there is a clear need for refinement and evolution of currently available Continuous Glucose Monitoring technology, enabling a greater, safer, and individualized user experience affordable to all.

For Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) to gain broader adoption, the core technology and product design needs to address some of core user requirements, such as:

  • Being discreet with a small footprint on the body
  • Having a user display that integrates and fits within the user’s lifestyle
  • Delivering accurate and reliable results that can be trusted, in any conditions
  • Eliminating or reducing the need for finger stick calibration, without compromising the performance, accuracy, reliability and safety of the product for the user
  • Having the ability to integrate with insulin delivery devices to help facilitate day-to-day management
  • An on-body wearable device that is safe, resistant, and comfortable
  • A solution where data can be easily shared with a medical team and other caregivers
  • An affordable cost which allows reimbursement by tier-payers and access for all

This is the system that Metronom Health is dedicated to building. 


Unlike other CGMs currently available, Metronom’s approach to glucose sensing is different. Metronom’s opto-enzymatic technology utilizes Smart Sensing Methodology, which specifically addresses the challenges associated with sensing glucose in the body tissue environment. This simplifies or eliminates many of the burdensome procedures required to operate existing CGMs of which many utilize an electro-chemical technology. Some of Metronom’s technological benefits are:

  • Improved accuracy, with a higher signal-to-noise ratio in the tissue
  • Differential oxygen measurement, which also acts as an internal quality system at the sensing site, enabling additional safety and a device-prompted calibration, if and when needed
  • No interferences with commonly taken substances such as acetaminophen or paracetamol
  • Direct opportunity for significant cost improvement over currently available CGMs as the technology allows high-speed manufacturing at high volumes


  • Innovative technology for superior accuracy, allowing a more accurate glucose signal, especially in the dangerous hypoglycemia zone
  • Complete visibility for reliability: a CGM you can count on
    • Integrated quality and safety system, on each glucose measurement, ensuring user confidence that the measured glucose level is accurate    
  • Designed to allow users to live life with diabetes, not the other way around
    • Small, discreet footprint, with expected wearability of 14 days
    • Factory-calibrated while also allowing the possibility to recalibrate the sensor if changes are detected at the sensing site, providing maximum performance through better accuracy and superior safety, enabling peace of mind while minimizing the need for finger stick glucose measurement
    • Connected, real-time measurements using a smartphone as the receiver via a mobile application and encrypted communication
    • Automated sensor insertion; low profile and lower pain sensor insertion
    • Uses proprietary adhesive technology adaptable to daily activities
  • At a cost amenable to the user and the healthcare systems globally, addressing the most important barrier to the adoption of CGM


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